Liquid Diet for Weight Loss and Fat Loss?

‘Liquid diet plan’ and ‘liquid diet for weight loss’ are expressions that are no longer confined to the realm of celebrities. In the past decade, a lot has changed. People have grown more conscious of one’s self-image. These days people are seen abandoning their epicurean lifestyle that propagates the motto ”eat, drink and be merry”, and strive towards a healthier lifestyle. To remain healthy and lose some fat that you have gained by eating all the greasy foods, you have to switch your lifestyle and follow a diet plan. Liquid diet is one of the most used ways by various people who want to lose weight. Let us get into detail and throw some light on the subject matter. 

What is Liquid Diet?

As the name implies, it means to follow a diet plan in which you will be consuming calories in the form of liquid. Some people prefer to switch a certain number of meals with liquids a day while following a liquid diet plan, while others shift entirely to a liquid diet for weight loss. 

While following a liquid diet, you can juice fruits and vegetables or have soups. A liquid diet typically does not provide much space for non-vegetarian items or items containing unhealthy fats. It is one of the reasons it accelerates weight loss exponentially. 

Does Liquid Diet Plan for Fat Loss work?

Are you are aiming to lose some weight or slash down your body fats? Going on a liquid diet plan is the best thing you can do. 

The liquid diet cuts down all unnecessary calories and aids in rapid weight loss. However, you must know, after a certain point in time when your body gets accustomed to getting lesser calories, it starts saving energy. So, when you switch back to your regular diet, you might end up gaining more weight than you lost. 

To make the liquid diet work in your favor, you will have to switch back to your regular diet with caution, care, and self-control. 

After strictly adhering a liquid diet plan for days, you will have the most irresistible temptation to run to the nearest burger joint on the day you switch to your regular diet! We advise you to check that craving right there if you do not want to gain more weight than you lost. 

How Does Liquid Diet Work for Weight Loss?

Liquid diets are perhaps the most resorted to by dieters around the world when targeting weight loss. Here is how liquid diet works to give you that slim belly and the toned look. 

1. Detoxifies Body

Detoxifying is one way to kick start the process of weight loss. The ingredients that are incorporated into the liquid diet are high in antioxidants. These antioxidants scavenge the free radicals and detoxify the body. Another thing that aids in detoxification of the body is ‘water’, which will constitute a major portion of your meals while you are on a liquid diet. 

2. Slashes Calorie Intake

The juices, soups and smoothies that you will be consuming while on a liquid diet are low in calories. So, your body will get lesser calories than it is used to. It will start burning the stored-up fat (glycogen) and cause weight loss. 

3. It is Nutritious

In spite of containing low calorie, liquid diet is nutritious. The content of the liquid diet is fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, yogurt, and soups. These have good nutrition value and are high in vitamins.  One of the best things about liquid diet plan is that it cuts down calorie intake but does not compromise with the daily nutrition value. 

4. Great for Digestion

If there are days you avoid wearing a body-hugging outfit as you feel bloated and out of shape, then liquid diet is your thing. A liquid diet will go super-easy on your digestive system and give you good bowel movements because of its high-water content. Additionally, we would advise you to make smoothies without skinning the fruits and veggies to get your daily dose of fiber for even better digestion. 

5. Saves Time

People often complain that they do not get time for working out. Guess what, you will save a lot of time if you go on a liquid diet. You do not have to grease your pan or wait for an hour for the oven to beep.  Just throw in the fruits and veggies (add some nuts too) into a blender or juicer, and your meal will be ready in no time! You will save a lot of time which you can utilize you exercise and lose some more weight. 

Side Effects of Liquid diet for weight loss

Liquid diet plan for fat loss is a great idea, but too much of any good thing is not good. If you subject your body to a harsh diet containing low calorie, it can indeed have some possible side effects. The side effects of liquid diet are; –

Muscle Loss

Though liquid diets are high in vitamins, but it slashes the protein intake by a considerable bit. It might lead to muscle loss, and you might feel weak if you follow this type of diet for too long. 

Impairs Proper Brain Functioning

Your brain needs calories to function properly. In fact, your brain burns up to 20 percent of your daily calorie intake. If you take lesser calories, your brain will not get sufficient fuel to function properly. You might face moderate to severe mood swings and have irrational thoughts if you follow a liquid diet plan for fat loss for a prolonged period. 

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